Distributor of FMCG products

A distributor of FMCG products to 200 half-wholesale stores with the objective of reaching 5,000 stores by the end of 2022 and 15,000 stores by 2023.
The company received 40 000 000 FCFA on this program. This financing has not only allowed them to reach their objective but also the creation and consolidation of 15 jobs.

Consortium for trade, poultry farming, livestock and agriculture

The consortium is composed of four women's GIESs with different activities, namely trade, poultry farming, livestock and agriculture.
The consortium received funding from the program to the tune of 16,820,000 FCFA. With this funding, the consortium has managed to create and consolidate 138 jobs.

Production and sale of food-grade ice

A company whose main activity is general trade and more specifically the production and marketing of ice cream.
The enterprise received a financing of 40 000 000 FCFA from the program. This financing allowed them to create and consolidate 17 jobs.