What Makes Us Different

Four factors differentiate our approach to private equity investing in growth markets

Strong in-country teams, regional and global best practices

Our highly connected teams on the ground have in-depth local knowledge and a strong support network.

World-class professionals

We are a team of professionals with world-class value-creation capabilities; we invest in training so that our people can develop these skills further; and we use third-party experts where they are most needed.

Our sustainable investment approach

We have a strong and proven stakeholder approach to sustainable investing that is continually evolving.

Our unique perspective

In growth markets, we believe that the private equity industry belongs on Main Street, not on Wall Street.



Generate market-leading investor returns while generating impact in promoting the economic and social development of francophone West Africa.

Value Creation

All of our projects are geared towards ultimately providing attractive financial returns and are timed for optimal “exits” within 4-6 years for business ventures.


Achieving a positive economic and social impact with our investments is just as strong of an anchor in our values and operating model.