We work to develop high-potential West African
SMEs into “regional champions”
Better business, better world: private equity aids economic and social development
Our investments focus on some of the
world’s fastest-growing economies
Generating investor returns while promoting
economic and social development

Bringing international capital and management acumen to West African SMEs

World-class investment advisory services coupled
with a deep understanding of local markets
Advancing a new generation of West African entrepreneurs with capital and know-how

About Us

Brightmore Capital is an investment management and advisory firm focused on francophone West Africa. We are based in the regions two economic hubs of Dakar and Abidjan, targeting investments across Cote d’Ivoire, Senegal, Guinea, Burkina Faso, Mali, Burkina Faso, Niger, Benin and Togo.

Our investment team has lived, worked and invested in West Africa and has strong business ties to the region. We are supported by both local and international professionals with domain experience in finance, operations, and international development, as well as outside advisers from target sectors.

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Our mission is to generate market-leading investor returns while generating impact in promoting the economic and social development of francophone West Africa. We believe that private equity is a key driver in ensuring sustainable growth and long-term economic prosperity of our target countries and communities.

We are driven by this mission and see it as the cornerstone of everything we do: the industry sectors that we work in, the projects that we develop or finance, the structuring of operations of our portfolio companies, and the kind of advisory work we engage in.

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Value Creation

All of our projects are geared towards ultimately providing attractive financial returns and are timed for optimal “exits” within 4-6 years for business ventures. We invest in companies with strong business fundamentals and a track record of operations, excellent entrepreneurial teams, and high potential for growth.

Upon starting-up or acquiring a new business, we see the goal of value creation as our utmost priority and plan the operations and growth strategy of our enterprises around generating investment returns upon an eventual exit.

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Achieving a positive economic and social impact with our investments is just as strong of an anchor in our values and operating model as is generating attractive investment gains for our investors.

In the spectrum of impact investing, we consider ourselves to have an even emphasis on both financial returns and development benefits. Our belief is that the two are fundamentally coupled together and the scalability of economic and social impact cannot be achieved without providing a strong economic incentive for investors.

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We are currently hiring for a Full-Time Analyst position in Dakar, Senegal.   [See job description]